Eduard LimonovOra zeroComing soon

Eduard Limonov

Ora zero

Coming soon

This book of poems wouldn’t cause a scandal because of his provocations, but because of the fighter’s intimacy finally laid bare. «Limonov is a poet who, more than the others, realised that the philosophical clairvoyance isn’t in the academic duality of thesis and...
Lino BordinIl signore gentile

Lino Bordin

Il signore gentile

  «All those who worked in the Ethiopian refugee assistance programs in Somalia seemed to me to be free from any form of economic interest. It seemed like they would live that experience with the fullest emotional involvement». THE BOOK: Africa is not an easy...
Imadaddin NasimiPoesie

Imadaddin Nasimi


edited by Marilena Rea preface by Gunay Afandiyeva On the occasion of 650th anniversary of his birth, the literary work of the great Medieval Azerbaijiani poet Imadaddin Nasimi are published in Italian language. THE BOOK: The Human Being, the Universe, Love and God...
Eduard LimonovIl Boia

Eduard Limonov

Il Boia

THE BOOK: New York. Early ’80s. Oscar Chudzinski is one of the lone creatures living in the emotionless megalopolis. He is a thirty-year Polish immigrant, who gave up his ambition to become a writer. His unsuccessful life radically changes when he meets a wealthy...
Marina CvetaevaLa principessa guerriera

Marina Cvetaeva

La principessa guerriera

edited by Marilena Rea preface by Monica Guerritore «Read Tsar-Maid! What’s the point? It’s her, the Warrior, it’s him, the Tsarevich, but it’s also the tragedy of missing each other: love is passing by one another… My Tsarevich...