Nicolò Michielin – Middle class heroes

foreword by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic
introduction by Mauro Coruzzi

“It won’t be the days spent colorless at a desk that will be part of you, nor all those moments that have slipped away, disappeared into the void of days that are all the same. It won’t be the expensive clothes or the Porsche you have in your garage that you bought while working in the bank. You’ll be a splurge in the night, your first kiss to a woman, you’ll be a song that gave you chills, or a bar fight. You’ll be some shit that now makes you smile, and you’ll be the love of a night and what will rhyme in the dawn. Look back, isn’t that what you see? Isn’t that all you have left?”

THE BOOK: A journey into the excesses of two reckless young twenty-somethings who leave Venice to move to the chaotic nightlife of Milan, protagonists of an age characterized by constant hallucinogenic escapes to collect extreme life experiences, an urgent search for exciting moments of pure ecstasy. Dissolute and driven by the frenzy of seizing the infinite possibilities that the night promises to offer, the two spasmodically try to accumulate experiences that in the future will turn into indelible memories, marked by a continuous flow of big hangovers that the next day leave only a bitter taste in the mouth.
The dazzling taste of excess consumed in drugs, sex, alcohol and fights is the backdrop to dissolute sleepless nights spent at the infamous Plastic and other clubs in the center, and characterizes an unruly and libidinous existence dedicated to escaping the petty, paralyzing and asphyxiating reality by means of nights free from thoughts and responsibilities, in search of the living present.
Through deep inner reflections and continuous thoughts addressed to the beloved and idealized woman, the protagonist will come to the awareness of the precariousness and transience of life, and to how much the false security of the bourgeoisie and the economic ostentation of the right-thinking have failed in the face of a generation of middle-class heroes who live intensely at night as a refuge out of instinct and introspection, Passion and intimacy.

Nicolò Michielin (Venice, 1989) He graduated first in Law and then in Political Science at the University of Milan, while working as a model. After moving to Paris and a master’s degree in Geopolitics at La Sapienza University in Rome, he founded the magazine together with fencer Tobia Biondo. He is currently a PhD student in Diplomacy and International Cooperation at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, and part of the communication team of Venezia FC. Middle Class Heroes is his literary debut.


author: Nicolò Michielin
preface: Tea Hacic-Vlahovic
Introduction: Mauro Coruzzi
title: Middle class heroes
price: 16,00 €
pages: 216
ISBN: 9788831492553