Giorgio Michelangeli – Dolseur e altri racconti

foreword: Mario Geymonat

BOOK: These four stories have in common an atmosphere of blurred images. The writing is evocative and poetic. In the context of an imaginary geography and in an indefinite period of time, the characters called with fantastic names meet and influence each other’s destinies. They are tormented and anxious, in search of something: vengeance, love, redemption – that turns to an impulse of a movement becoming soon an interior journey. Enchanted with the musicality of this young author’s language, the reader gets ready to be taken away to a distant universe where things turn to be symbols and acquire other meanings.

AUTHOR: Giorgio Michelangeli cooperates with Huffington Post as a blogger. He is a member of the jury of “Giorgio Belli Literary Award” of Fumone. Michelangeli writes poetry, stories, songs, theatre plays, scripts. He is one of the authors of Italia Underground (2009). He publishes Ballate senza motivo (2011) and Stagioni (2015).

author: Giorgio Michelangeli
title: Dolseur e altri racconti
foreword: Mario Geymonat
pages: 160
price: 8,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249162