Susanna Polloni – Strade acide

preface by Fabio Cantelli Anibaldi

Venice and Europe in the Eighties are the backdrop to the self-destructive enthusiasm of a rebellious teenager: alcohol, heroin, hallucinogens and stray life. But from a terrifying “bad trip” begins the reconstructive effort, without any removal of one’s past, an unforgiving unveiling of one’s own

THE BOOK : July 22, 1984, Madrid: Susanna, who has been living on the streets for many months now, is shocked by a “bad trip” from LSD. A frightening experience, a watershed that will mark a before and after in her life, transforming her into a continuous search for herself.
The book tackles discomfort by eschewing the clichés that always represent the “altered experience” as the pathological degeneration of subjects without will. In the pages of this modern coming-of-age novel, the modified mental state, the dilated perception are considered by the author to be irrepressible needs of the human psyche. In the journey through oneself, opium is a stage of the journey, it is when other ways are not yet known: so heroin, so art, so love.

Susanna Polloni was born in Venice in 1966. The encounter with hard drugs, the subject of this book, takes place in the middle of adolescence. At the age of twenty-three, he got married. For seven years he directed an international cultural association that deals with comparative philosophy. After graduating and obtaining a doctorate in Latin Palaeography, she carried out research at the university, which she left to devote herself to her five children.

Fabio Cantelli Anibaldi was born in Gorizia in 1962. Between 1992 and 1995 he was head of the press office of San Patrignano. He joined the Abele Group, of which he is now vice-president, where he directed the monthly magazine Narcomafie and, since 2005, has been in charge of the communication of Don Luigi Ciotti. His publications include La verità è un’avventura – conversazioni sulla filosofia e la vita con Carlo Sini (Edizioni Gruppo Abele, 2012) and SanPa, madre amorosa e crudele (Giunti, 2021, re-edition of the memoir La quiete sotto la pelle, Frassinelli, 1996).

Susanna Polloni’s book does not indulge in the daring and epic of many autobiographical works on drugs. The strength of Acid Roads is precisely that of not letting go, of not retreating one step from the desire to dissect, analyze, try to understand.

Fabio Cantelli Anibaldi

author: Susanna Polloni
preface: Fabio Cantelli Anibaldi
title: Acid Roads
price: 16,00 €
pages: 176
ISBN: 9788831492713