Elchin – Il mio pazzo preferito e altre opere

preface by Stefano Bruno Galli

The plays of Elchin, the “Azerbaijani Molière”, one of the most eclectic and original authors of the Caucasian country, now considered a living classic.

IL LIBRO: Three precious theatrical texts set in Azerbaijan. Already famous in Soviet times, through his works Elchin combines tradition and modernity: his writing fascinates the reader with an unmistakable style and a cutting irony that critics have defined as “an innovative realism”. His theatrical texts focus on philosophical issues related to the meaning of life, investigating the mystery of existence and exploring the fine line between life and death, genius and madness.

Elchin (Elchin Ilyas oglu Efendiyev) is one of the best known writers in Azerbaijan. Son of the writer Ilyas Efendiyev, who became a classic of national literature. Elchin was born in Baku in 1943. University professor, author of numerous essays, monographs and plays, translated into twenty-three languages. Elected several times as a member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, he held the high office of Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic for a long time.

Stefano Bruno Galli is Councilor for Autonomy and Culture of the Lombardy Region and professor of History of Political Doctrines and Theories and History of Democracy at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Milan. He has published numerous scientific texts on the themes of federalism and constitutionalism.


author: Elchin
title: Il mio pazzo preferito e altre opere
preface by Stefano Bruno Galli
translation by Monica Puglia
pages: 208
price: 16,00 €
ISBN: 9788831492027

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