Doina Ruşti – L’omino rosso

«How strange is love in Bucharest at the age of forty and at the time of social networks. One of the most popular Romanian writers entrusts a little red man with the task of leading the protagonist into an unlikely virtual Wonderland. An ironic and seductive story, set in a magically contradictory city».
La Repubblica

«Doina Ruști has the rare ability to grasp the hypocrisy of individuals and society. A pictorial and cinematographic writing, given by the masterful use of comparison».
Ramón Acín, Turia

THE BOOK: Laura Iosa is a forty-year-old forced to compete with a society that especially appreciates women’s looks, youth and impudence. Disdained by the publishing houses to which she asks in vain to publish her dictionary and disappointed by the environment that surrounds her, Laura decides to write her story on a blog, open to visitors’ comments. This gives a radical change to her life: she develops a relationship with two strange characters, a lonely computer wizard and a surprising wise man who will lead her to a virtual and hallucinating paradise. Doina Ruşti is one of the contemporary Romanian writers most celebrated by critics and readers for the epic force and originality of the narrative.

Doina Ruşti writer, screenwriter and lecturer at the University of Bucharest. Author of the famous “fanariota trilogy” composed of Manuscrisul fanariot (2015), Mâța Vinerii (2017) and Homeric (2019) and many others successful novels characterized by a strong social component including, in Italian translation, Zogru (Bonanno, 2010) and Lisoanca at 11 (Rediviva, 2013). He received the Prose Prose of the Union of Romanian Writers (2008) and the “Ion Creangă” Prize of the Romanian Academy (2009).

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author: Doina Ruşti
title: L’omino rosso
translation by: Roberto Merlo
price: 16,00 €
pages : 288
ISBN: 9788831492294