Various Authors // Italia Underground

edited by Angelo Mastrandrea

BOOK: In this book Italy shout through the voices of the most courageous narrators of the national literary circles. From places situated “on the edge” of Italian cities, borderline stories and characters come to life. Twenty-six authors are there for a journey across the country that changes, creating and destroying places and memories. The cover page is illustrated by the artists Botto & Bruno.

AUTHORS: Gianni Biondillo; Riccardo Brun. Mihai Mircea Butcovan, Ascanio Celestini, Ivan Della Mea, Marco Dotti, Il Duka, Valerio Evangelisti, Roberto Ferrucci, Ermanno Gallo, Lisa Ginzburg, Vincenzo Latronico, Giulio Laurenti, Stefano Liberti, Angelo Mastrandrea, Giorgio Michelangeli, Manolo Morlacchi, Paolo Nori, Laura Oliva, Francesca Pilla, Marco Philopat, Tiziana Rinaldi Castro, Daniele Scaglione, Andrea Scarabelli, Igiaba Scego, Paola Watts.

author: Various Authors
title: Italia Underground
edited by Angelo Mastrandrea
pages: 168
price: 13,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249261