Marco Forneris – L’oro di Baghdad

preface by Alberto Negri

After the success of Il nodo di seta, Marco Forneris faces the tangle of Iraq situation through David Faure’s new investigations.

THE BOOK: Year 2004. After the defeat of Saddam Hussein by the American coalition, the fire burns under the ashes of a frail peace. The prices requested for Iraq’s reconstruction are huge, and all traces of the treasure collected by Saddam during his rule are lost. A sign from Siria sets off the American security services that assigns to David Faure – a business man who has a personal reason to carry a very dangerous investigation – the task to discover where the assets stolen by the Iraqi Muckabarat’s men are hidden. Faure is accompanied by the charming Cia agent Jacqueline Chamoun. Their search runs through Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, switches to Israel to arrive first to Greece and then to the Swiss sanctuaries of the grey finance, following the smuggling ratlines and the money laundries to achieve a only partially predictable result. This book is also a collection of Middle East situations and characters before the Syrian war overwhelmed entire nations, turning fascinating places into smoking ruins. A book of espionage and criminal investigations, with a strong and well-documented reference to the recent story of the international terrorism.

Marco Forneris operates in the IT and organization from the seventies. Graduated in Turin, he began his brilliant career in the legendary Olivetti. He was Chief Information Officer of some of the most famous Italian companies: Il Sole 24 Ore, Assicurazioni Generali, Gucci, Fiat and Telecom Italia. He deals with M & A and Business Development for Information Technology companies, for private equity and investment banks. Sandro Teti Editore in 2016 published his first novel, Il nodo di seta, prefaced by Evgenij Kaspersky.

Mentre respiravo in Iraq e Siria la polvere della battaglia più sanguinosa e drammatica del Medio Oriente, Forneris svelava nel suo straordinario romanzo le vere radici di questa guerra infinita.
Alberto Negri

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author: Marco Forneris
title: L’oro di Baghdad
preface by Alberto Negri
pages: 462
price: 16,00 €
ISBN: 9788899918323