Silvano Tagliagambe – Dal caos al cosmo. Introduzione al cosmismo russo

preface by Armando Torno

«Cosmism is the miracle of a synthesis that saw the light two centuries ago, then fueled by the Soviet space race. An attitude more than a real current, a crossroads of experiences and researches ranging from esoteric futurism to transcendental pragmatism, from magical realism to idealistic materialism, from humanism to transhumanism. A school of thought against world westernization and the colonization of consciences». A. Scarabelli

THE BOOK: Margaret’s extraordinary flight over Moscow in Bulgakov’s most famous novel, Marc Chagall’s depiction of love as a flying couple in the intense blue sky, the idea of flight as a way of inhabiting history according to the dimensions of a highly spatialized time. The leitmotif of flight characterizes Russian culture, in its history, its philosophy, its science and even its technology. Flight gave rise to cosmism, an authentic and original cornerstone of that culture, born from the propensity not only to imagine, but to see an intermediate space between the earth and the sky, between the finite and the infinite, between the visible and the invisible. The space is explored first of all with imagination and thought, then with cosmonautics, a technique for navigating in outer space, which was also the expression of a spiritual utopia.

Silvano Tagliagambe (Legnano, 1945) Philosopher, physicist, academic, epistemologist. Student of Ludovico Geymonat, he graduated in Philosophy at the State University of Milan and continued his studies specializing in quantum physics first at the prestigious Lomonosov University of Moscow, then at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. From 1974 to 2008 he taught in different universities and collaborated with different research centers. He is the author of more than 350 publications.

Armando Torno (Milan, 1953) Journalist, essayist and radio host. Graduated in Mathematics and Philosophy, after being an academic researcher, he chooses the path of journalism. He founded the “Domenica” supplement of Il Sole 24 Ore of which he was responsible and columnist from 1985 to 2000. After directing several programs on Rai, he has continued to host the “Musica Maestro” program on Radio 24 for over 15 years. He is the author of many literary works and essays of a philosophical and theological nature which have been translated into French, English, German, Russian and many other languages.


author: Silvano Tagliagambe
title: Dal caos al cosmo. Introduzione al cosmismo russo
preface by Armando Torno

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