Luciano Canfora – Il passato presente

edited by Chiara Bozzoli

«History is always written using the present tense».

THE BOOK: How is a maître à penser defined today? If we consider someone who is able to give meaning to what happens by tracing a network of relationships between past and present, putting his specialist knowledge at the service of current affairs, Luciano Canfora certainly is. The tools of philology, the clear gaze, free from partisanship and conformism, become in this collection of essays effective devices for investigating the great themes of contemporary thought. Anti-dogmatic par excellence and by training, always capable of exploring multidisciplinary perspectives and identifying continuity in the incessant change of history, Luciano Canfora offers us a key to understanding the challenges of the present.

Luciano Canfora (Bari, 1942) Historian of the ancient world and Italian philologist. He is professor emeritus at the University of Bari, a profound expert on classical culture and the author of relevant studies in the historical field. Member of the Institute for the classical tradition of Boston, of the Gramsci Institute Foundation of Rome, and of the scientific committee of the Treccani Encyclopedia Institute, he directs the magazine Quaderni di storia. He edits the Historos series for Sandro Teti Editore

Chiara Bozzoli Graduated in Romance Philology at the State University of Milan, she teaches literature at high schools. She collaborated with the culture magazine Il Calendario del Popolo and is the author of an exhibition dedicated to Giuseppe Di Vittorio.

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author: Luciano Canfora
edited by  Chiara Bozzoli
title: Il passato presente
price: 15,00 €
pages: 136
ISBN: 9788831492560

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