Various Authors – FÅRÖ – Bergman’s Cinecittà

edited by Aldo Garzia

BOOK: Ingmar Bergman shot in Fårö a lot of his masterpieces, e.g. Persona, The Passion of Anna, Shame and some fragments of Scenes from a Marriage. On the same island he finished the editing of Fanny and Alexander and The Magic Flute. Ingmar Bergman dedicated to Fårö two documents having the same name: Farodokument, the first goes back to 1969, the second – to 1979. What is the mysterios connection between Bergman and his island? Why did Fårö become a kind of Bergman’s Cinecittà to a point that critics wrote about the Fårö drama inherent to the infinite artistic creation of the Swedish director? It is in the 1960 that Bergman arrives to Fårö for the first time. He has to shoot Through a Glass Darkly, the film that would give him his second Oscar, after the first he won with The Virgin Spring. «Might I speak solemnly, I would say I found in Fårö my landscape, my true home. Should I want to be happy, I would say it was a love from the first sight» – the director writes in his autobiography entitled The Magic Lantern. Aldo Garzia, journalist and writer, edited the book that collects the research documents related to this unedited aspect of Ingmar Bergman’s biography: the photos, Aldo Garzia’s critical and historical essay on “Fårö Drama”, the interviews with the actresses Ingrid Thulin and Bibi Andersson edited by Cecilia Waldenkranz. There are also: a critical portrait of the actor Erland Josephson, essays by Rino Genovese and Gian Luigi Saraceni, summaries of Bergman’s films shot on the island of Fårö and the comments to them written by the director himself.

АUTHOR: Aldo Garzia is a journalist who has long worked for Manifesto, cooperating with numerous newspapers and magazines. He is the author of many books: Cuba, a journey to the identity of the island (“Edizioni Associate” Publishing House, 1998), Fidel’s kitchen (“Datanews”, 1999), Cuba Conquering the Treasure Island (“Elleu Multimedia” Publishing House, 2001). His passions are Cuba and Sweden, two countries being  apparently opposite.

author: Various Authors
title: FÅRÖ: Ingmar Bergman’s Cinecittà
edited by Aldo Garzia
pages: 111
price: 14,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249028