Franco Mussida – La musica è fortuna. Music is Fortune

THE BOOK: Music is fortune because it is one of the most valuable things we have. Because it allows people to communicate all that man is intimately. It is not just entertainment or business, but it reveals in a strong and direct way the true center of gravity of our life: emotions and feelings that guide us. The generation of the ’70s has breathed, rather than heard this music and energy. Franco Mussida with his career cuts across the board all the generations from the 60s to the present, experiencing this wonder on stages across the world, bringing it for thirty years in prisons and communities without, by choice, this disclosing by the media. PFM and the CPM Music Institute, along with his personality as guitarist, composer, artist, have been and are its cornerstones. The relation with the public, with prestigious artists such as Fabrizio De André, with thousands of kids who have dreamed and dream of living the music, along with his research on vibratory phenomena, are the backbone of his life. They are also the backbone of this book, which tells it with magical depths, from the bottom up: from the 31 days goodbye to PFM, 31 days to be discovered in this book, together with the evolution of a musician, an artist, a man.

THE AUTHOR The life of Franco Mussida is divided into two different brackets. In the first, the youth, he’s a composer, musician and co-founder of PFM, celebrated Italian progressive rock band. He signs many of their hits, including Impressions of September and directs many of his productions between them. “Fabrizio de André–PFM” rearranging the most significant pieces of that project. In the second, following a kind of spiritual trauma, he founded the CPM Music Institute of Milan, one of the most important schools of Music in Italy. Since 1988, he carries out research about the relationship between music and emotions and experiences their results by working for more than 20 years with inmates of various prisons and the young guests of the recovery community. In 2013 he decides to show through the concrete arts (painting and sculpture) the results of this research. It creates a series of experiential exhibitions and installations. He publishes his thoughts about other aspects of music in two books: The Music Ignored (Skira 2013) and Hidden Keys of Music (Skira 2015) in which he describes a new method of listening of music tested in four prisons.

My past life, as well as what I still have to live has constantly followed my disposition to deeply sniffle the vibrant core of Music itself.

author: Franco Mussida
title: La musica è fortuna. Music is Fortune
pages: 90
price: 16,00 €
ISBN: 9788899918026