Christian Reinhardt – Belarus – Christian Reinhardt’s Images

introduction: Matilde Hoctofler

BOOK: After more than twenty years Christian Reinhardt comes back to photography and publishes his photobook Belarus. The volume contains the images shot in Belarus in July, 1999, and in August, 2000. The pictures of a classical style are characterized by shot collection. By means of the powerful black-and-white technique, the photos tell the story of a country situated in the heart of the Eastern Europe, far from globalization and not yet damaged by consumerism. The collection is not at all a clash of different pictures that have nothing to do one with another, on the contrary, it is an efficient narration-creating unity which surprises the reader with the composed descriptive serenity of images that are never intrusive and that communicate no violence being a touching evidence of a friendly glance. The photos follow the introduction by Mathilde Hochlofler and by the text by Mario Geymonat on Belarus.

АUTHORS: Christian Reinhardt has been the photographer who cooperated with the fashion designer Christian Dior and with the world famous fashion magazines. After he moved to New York, he dedicated himself mostly to social photography to denounce racism and injustice.
Philologist and Latinist, Mario Geymonat has taught in many universities, he is the author of important critical editions including the one dedicated to the poet Virgil, and of numerous essays appeared on the pages on Italian and international magazines. He publishes the Veronese Palympsest by Euclides in Latin (Milan, 1964) and  Scholia in Nicandri Alexipharmaca (Milan, 1974).

author: Christian Reinhardt
title: Belarus – Christian Reinhardt’s Images
introduction: Matilde Hoctofler
texts: Mario Geymonat
pages: 130
price: 23,00 €
ISBN: 978888824901x