Aleksej Kara-Murza Russian Rome

Aleksej Kara-Murza

Russian Rome

foreword: Rita Giuliani BOOK: The history of cultural relationships between Rome and Russia extends back over a thousand years. Dense and prolific bonds between the two realities brought the parties to get closer and to keep the Russian steppes and the southern sea...
Aleksej Kara-Murza Russian Naples

Aleksej Kara-Murza

Russian Naples

preface by Vittorio Strada THE BOOK: As stated by Kara-Murza in his illuminating introductory note, Naples was the southern terminus of the Russian travelers tour. There were few, in fact, of those who ventured further south, for example, to Bari or to Sicily. Europe...
Aleksej Kara-Murza Russian Florence

Aleksej Kara-Murza

Russian Florence

foreword: Stefano Garzonio BOOK: In the preface to the volume Russian Florence Aleksey Kara-Murza writes that, if Rome can be referred to as the Eternal city and Venice as the Abstract one, the right epithet to use for Florence would be natural for the town is...
Aleksej Kara-Murza Russian Venice

Aleksej Kara-Murza

Russian Venice

foreword: Vittorio Strada BOOK: A city and an archetype dreamed by artists and poets of every generation, Venice is an enchanted gate of Italy, often the very first destination of a Russian great trip when it was made by sea. A considerable part of Russian...
Konstantin Plužnikov Nicola Ivanoff- An Italian Tenor

Konstantin Plužnikov

Nicola Ivanoff- An Italian Tenor

foreword: Fausto Malcovati BOOK:  Nikolay Ivanov (1810-1880), naturalized Nicola Ivanoff, was one of the greatest tenors of the nineteenth century. After a long quarrel with the Tsar Nicholas the First, he settled permanently in Italy where he stayed, for studies and...