Konstantin Plužnikov – Nicola Ivanoff- An Italian Tenor

foreword: Fausto Malcovati

BOOK:  Nikolay Ivanov (1810-1880), naturalized Nicola Ivanoff, was one of the greatest tenors of the nineteenth century. After a long quarrel with the Tsar Nicholas the First, he settled permanently in Italy where he stayed, for studies and health reason, from 1830. In Italy he made friends with Rossini and was on good terms with Verdi and Donizzetti who wrote arias just for his voice. Pluzhnikov describes the career and the talent of Ivanoff through documents and evidence of contemporary witnesses, in particular, of the great composer Glinka, offering us a comparative analysis of the epoch’s most famous tenors: Rubini, Duprez, Nourrit, David and Mario. The edition is enriched with original music scores, correspondence between Ivanoff and Rossini, Verdi and other well-known musicians, not to speak about a considerable number of pictures. The recent radio programme named “Ridotto dell’opera” transmitted on August, 9th, 2016, was dedicated to Nicola Ivanoff. The journalist Giorgio Apollonia together with Alfonso Gianni and Ettore Volontieri spoke a lot about the tenor who came from the North.

AUTHOR:  Kontantin Pluzhnikov is a successful first tenor of “Mariinsky” Theatre. He is a professor of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, the director of the Academy of young singers at “Mariinsky” Theatre and the author of numerous books on the singing techniques and the history of singing.

author: Konstantin Pluzhnikov
title: Nicola Ivanoff- An Italian Tenor
edited by Ettore F. Volontieri
foreword: Fausto Malcovati
introduction: Alfonso Gianni
translation: Alessandro Romano
pages: 192
price: 18,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249193