Volume 2 // The Late Republic and the Princedom

The object of the penetrating analysis of this volume of the History of the Italian society is the period of time which is central for the ancient Italian history and goes from the end of the Third Punic war (146 B.C.) to the end of the Princedom with  the decline of the Julius-Claudii (68 A.D.). Divided into short periods to demonstrate the difficult passage from the Late Republic to the Princedom, the narration shows us different facets of the Roman society which goes on expanding, and highlights, first, the stages of political renewal and its legal and institutional consequences, second, the changes taking place in the Italic social classes, in the social milieu, in the economic structures, and, finally, in culture, art and literature considering their dynamics of being the mirrors reflecting the epoch. The analysis of the volume opens with the contradictions existing between the imperialist acceleration of the Roman society and the always-more-frequent use it made of slavery: the processes that will bring to a deep political crisis and to the explosion of the reiterated social antagonisms and civil conflicts contraposing Italic classes and populations. A long period in which different Roman aristocratic classes are in a desperate search of reforms that could be able to face the most explosive claims and to lay the new basis to the relationships of power in the State determining the decadence of the Republic, the period of passage dominated by the figure of Caesar and the establishment of the Princedom. To conclude with, a particular attention goes to a great season for literature and historiography that, after the unification of Italy, characterized this time period from Cato to Cicero, from Sallust to Caesar and Titus Livius, from Lucretius to Seneca, from Virgil to Horace.


An Italic society after the Third Punic War. The Gracchi
Monique Clavel-Leveque

Roman Leading Classes under the Republic. A Senatorial Order. An Equestrian Order
Claude Nicolet

Italic emigration and Italic provincial communities
Giulio Clemente

Slaves and subaltern classes in the Roman-Italic community
P.A. Brunt

Decline of Slavery
P.A. Brunt

Society and Politics during Caesar’s times
Zvi Yavets

Roman Italy: country-side and rural classes
Jerzy Kolendo

Roman Italy: cities and administration structures
Umberto Laffi

Italic Society from Pax Augusta to the end of the Julius-Claudii . The Princedom and the Nobility
Ettore Lepore

Roman Calendar
Ettore Lepore

Treasury and fiscal body during the Princedom
Gabriella Valera

Poetry, historiography and rhetoric in the period that goes from the Republic to the Empire
Antonio La Penna

Chronology of the literary production from Lucilius to Seneca

Linguistic unification of Italy

Art and power between the Republic and the Empire
Mario Torelli

title: The Late Republic and the Principate
pages: 454
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