Volume 21 // The Liberal State Disintegration

The focus of the analysis of the present volume is the complex dynamics of social, political and economic processes preceding and following the World War I that bring rapidly to a crisis and then to a disintegration of a liberal state. The essays of the present volume, being the most advanced contributions to the historiographical research of the last twenty years, determine a significant change in the definition of the break in the country’s democratic life, highlighting more the structural processes matured before 1925 and 1926, than the usually celebrated event of the March on Rome. The essays are dedicated to three crucial and central subjects. The first reminds us of the reasons Italy entered the war for, the acute discussion between the interventionists and anti interventionists that crossed transversally the political and ideal forces, the uncertain and contradictory behaviour during the war. It is a reconstruction  crowned by a deep analysis of structural transformations happened to economy, in general, and to working class and peasants, in particular. The second subject is dedicated to dynamics of the society crisis that took place immediately after the World War I and to its expression in the dialetics between the political forces, from one side, and old and new ideas, from the other. Last but not least, the third subject, investigates on the birth of fascism and of its links to the economy and to the social life of the nation – from agriculture and industry to a global community of war returnee, till its new form coming to life after the Aventine Secession and till the crisis determined by the Matteotti case.


Interventionism and the war
Paolo Alatri

War behaviour
Idomeneo Barbadoro

Industrial mobilization
Bruno Bezza

Italian campaigns during World War I
Francesco Bogliari

Emigration prohibition
Emilio Franzina

Nitti’s reformist perspectives. Bourgeoisie and nationalism
Renato Monteleone

Italian Regency of Carnaro
Renato Monteleone

The red two years, social fights and socialist direction
Idomeneo Barbadoro

The foundation of the PCDI Party
Giovanni Gozzini

Popular party and catholic trade-unionism in the crisis happened after World War I
Mario G. Rossi

Masonry and fascism
Aldo Alessandro Mola

Anarchists between the class war and reaction
Adriana Dada

Republicans after the World War I
Santi Fedele

The economic crisis of 1921
Alessandro Roveri

Agricultural Fascist squads
Alessandro Roveri

Industrial proprietors and fascism
Massimo Legnani

Military forces from Vittorio Veneto to fascism
Giorgio Rochat

Matteotti and the Aventine Secession
Ariane Landuyt

title: The Liberal State Disintegration
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