Volume 4 // Restauration and Destructuration in the Late Ancient Times

This volume regards the time period of the ancient world focused on the so-called “late ancient epoch”, i.e., from the last moment of the classical civilization to the collapse of the Roman empire. In fact, the last pages expand on the passage from the ancient world to the Middle Age and on the elements of continuity and clash that manifest themselves during the passage. It is a dramatic segment of history that has long been interpreted just as a crisis, decline and barbarization more than the moment of other cultures emerging, like the Christian and the barbarian ones, which made their generous contribution to the history of the mankind. The volume gives much space to the study of the cultural, religious and scientific phenomena. But, obviously, as always, the study of a society: its economy, its fiscal system and money, its transformation on the geographical map –  traces the structural lines along which these phenomena move and develop. We are dealing with a work which is ideologically grounded and historically innovative, that concludes in the appropriate way a series that has been welcomed by critics, scientists and audience.


The late ancient Colonate
Giuseppe Giliberti

The administrative structure of Italy in the late ancient period
Antonino Pinzone

Economy and Treasure in Italy of the late ancient period
Lietta De Salvo

Currency and inflation in the late ancient times
Daniele Foraboschi

The landscape transformations in the late ancient Italy
Giusto Traina

Italy: boundaries and barbarians from Augustus to 476 A.D.
Ariel Lewin

Culture and Literature of the late ancient Italy
Giovanni Cupaiolo

Science and Technics in the Roman Italy – the traditional knowledge
Mario Geymonat and Franco Minonzio

Mathematic Rationality, a survey of the nature and technical knowledge in the Roman culture
Mario Geymonat and Franco Minonzio

Codification Age. Sources of law during the Dominate Age (IV-VI centuries A.D.)
Oliviero Diliberto

Aspects of Roman figurative culture from Marcus Aurelius to Diocletian
Orietta Cordovana

The Empire and the Christianity in the third century: from persecution to tolerance
Irma Bitto

The Christianization of the aristocracy in Rome and in Italy
Francesco Scorza Barcellona

The Christianity from Damascus to Pope Lion I (366-461)
Salvatore Pricoco

Continuity and conflicts between the late ancient period and the Middle Age
Elvira Migliario and Chris Wickham

title: Restauration and Destructuration in the Late Ancient Times
pages: 733
price: 33,50 €

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