Volume 9 // The Age of the Italian Primacy. The Sixteenth Century

The present volume deals with the epoch in which the political picture of the peninsula seems to be deeply changed due to the Italian wars between France and Spain. Divided into five great states (Milan, Venice, Florence, the Church State and Naples), Italy was not able to produce a scheme of its unification as a state. The instauration of the Spanish hegemony in 1559 declared the end of the Italian autonomy and of the Renaissance, breaking into pieces the fragile equilibrium of the Italian states. This “acute” political crisis did not mean a crisis of the economy because Italy went on being the richest country of Europe till the half of Sixteenth century. That was the foundation of another century of the Italian cultural primacy in Europe, characterized by the intellectual and cultural development followed by the essays authors’ on every single stage. Thus, a large space is given to painting and figurative arts, explored in their workshop mechanisms more than in their esthetic values. A specific essay describes the birth of the “urban utopia”, i.e. that architectural thought that, focusing on the new idea of a city, faced the relationship between the city and the architecture in an innovative way, with the results that left a last-longing trace in urban spaces of the major cities like Ferrara and Urbino and in minor ones like Pienza. A particular attention is paid to innovative ways of thinking, from Neoplatonism to lucid and bitter reflections by Machiavelli and Guicciardini, the founders of the modern politics and historiography. Other aspects of the history of thought and of culture are being studied in the volume:  the religious and heretical ideas come to life, first inspired, by Erasmus of Rotterdam and then developed to the initiatives of Luther and Calvin’s followers, from Pietro Carnesecchi to Bernardino Ochino.


Italy and Europe in the first half of the Sixteenth Century
Maria Ludovica Lenzi

The Italian economy in the Sixteenth Century
Franco Saba

The artistic primacy of Italy
Pierluigi De Vecchi

Literature and the discussion on a language to use. Ludovico Ariosto
Riccardo Bruscagli

A political and historical thought. Macchiavelli and Guicciardini
Aldo Maurizio, Gianfranco Berardi

The Urban Utopia
Gaetana Cantone

Religious reforms and heresies
Marcello Craveri

From Magic to Science
Marcello Craveri

title: The Age of the Italian Primacy. The Sixteenth Century
pages: 447
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