Volume 13 // Jacobin and Napoleonic Italy

Dedicated to the Jacobin and Napoleonic Italy, this volume presents a lucid interpretation of the events that took place in Italy from 1789 to 1814. It is all about the time period deeply influenced by the effects of the French Revolution being fundamental for the Italian history because it gave origin to the long and tormented process of Risorgimento (Unification of the country). This epoch sees the enforcement of the conditions favorable to the consolidation of a national movement created in the Eighteenth century, accelerating the transformation of a tradition that was still literary and rhetoric to a coherent political body ready to be organized and planned  in order to change reality in a progressive way. The essays present in this volume explore the experience of the Jacobin republics in the years 1796-1799, from the Cispadanian to the Ligurian, from Roman to Neapolitan one. This subject is strictly connected to peasants’ and popular rebellions  – the sign of the net separation between cities and rural areas and the contraposition of the noble and bourgeois proprietors to the poor and desperate rural masses. A contrast that influenced greatly the course of the Unification and the history of the united Italy. The volume studies also the birth of the administrative state  in Italy linked to Napoleonic law, administration and military force of a legislation that equalized citizens in front of law. A large space is dedicated also to the development of the Italian economy of those years, to the elaboration of a political thought – starting with Vincenzo Cuoco’s reflections – and literary heritage.


The French Revolution and the crisis of the Italian reformism
Ivan Tognarini

Agriculture in the second half of the Eighteenth century
Francesco Mineccia

Jacobin Republics
Ivan Tognarini

The Constitutional order of Jacobin Republics
Carla Nassini

Ecclesiastical reforms and the religious practice
Ivo Biagianti

The Church, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire from the enlightened absolutism to the Napoleonic age
Daniele Menozzi

Antijacobin movements and antinapoleonic rebellions in the Valley of Po
Rinaldo Salvadori

Antijacobism and saint-faith-movement (sanfedismo)
Agnese Sinisi

Napoleonic Age
Giovanni Montroni

L’Ancien Regime in Sardinia
Bruno Anatra

Economy and society at the end of the Napoleonic age
Giovanni Montroni

Vincenzo Cuoco and the origins of the modern liberalism
Fulvio Tessitore

Literature and politics between the Revolution and the Napoleonic regime
Giuseppe Nicoletti

Luciano Patetta

title: Jacobin and Napoleonic Italy
pages: 450
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