Ulderico Rinaldini – Julija Timošenko, la conquista dell’Ucraina

foreword: Alessandro Politi

BOOK: Julija Timošenko’s rise and fall: starting from her entrepreneurship endeavors in the Ukraine of the nineties, her nationalist turning point and her transformation from a brunette girl of Armenian origin to a blond representative of Ukrainian national look. Original documents and inedited interviews depict her as a controversial character: a tiny, but indefatigable lady of a rare intelligence and hypnotic charisma that allowed her, together with immense richness collected with the commerce of Russian gas, to emerge in a violent masculinist post-Sovietic Ukrainian society. A portrait of Julija Timošenko that differs from what is her image in Western countries where she has always been considered just an innocent victim of her political enemies.

AUTHORS: Ulderico Rinaldini is an expert on the ex Sovietic countries. He works in the field of publishing and culture.
Alessandro Politi is a political and strategic analyst and the author of numerous books and articles on safety, defense, geopolitics and global affairs.

author: Ulderico Rinaldini
title: Julija Timošenko, la conquista dell’Ucraina
foreword: Alessandro Politi
pages: 152
price: 12,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249513
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