Fabio Indeo – Kazakhstan. Centro dell’Eurasia

foreword: Aldo Ferrari

Kazakhstan is a transcontinental state having one foot in Europe and one in Asia. It is the ninth country of the world as far as dimensions go. Kazakhstan is rapidly entering the international stage of the third millennium, being strong and proud of its energetic sources and its constant economic growth.

BOOK: This text is rich of documents and illustrations. The author’s goal is to promote information on the Kazakh Republic providing his readers with an exhaustive picture of the country completed with its descriptive analysis focused on historical, political, cultural, economic and energetic aspects. In 22 years of independence Kazakhstan has finished its process of political transition and has developed solid institutions and its own strong economy.

AUTHOR:  Fabio Indeo, scientist and expert in politics, economy and security of Central Asia. Now he is cooperating with the University of Camerino and with the Center for Energy Governance and Security of Hanyang University in Seoul. He is a member of ASIAC (Italian Association for the studies of Central Asia and Caucasus) and the author of research studies, analyses and scientific essays.

FOREWORD: Aldo Ferrari teaches Armenian language and literature together with Caucasian history at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He is responsible for the research programmes “Russia-Oriental Neighbors” and “Caucasus-Central Asia” at ISPI Organization of Milan. Besides, he is the Vice-president of ASIAC (Italian Association for the studies of Central Asia and Caucasus).

author: Fabio Indeo
title: Kazakhstan. Centro dell’Eurasia
foreword: Aldo Ferrari
pages: 224
price: 15,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249575
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