Volume 10 // The Sunset of the Renaissance

The Sixteenth Century, exceptionally rich in events and decisive transformations of the Italian history, is an object of a deep insight of this volume. It is in the Sixteenth century that, following the establishment of a capitalistic production, the European and global modernization process gave central and hegemonic part to England and France. This context of a transition sees Italy in a predicament. The analysis of the essays in the present volume starts from this contradictory point and gradually produces the up-to-date historical reasons for political, social and economic blocks in the development of Italy in that period. The result is a detailed picture of the motivations of a decline of artisans’ work, of the “comeback to the land” and, as a consequence, moving of working people towards to the Northern regions agriculture, the expansion of sharecropping till the Central Italian regions and the strengthening of a feudal power in the South. All this happens in Italy, where the Spanish hegemony prevails on the French one. Thus, the fragmentation of the country as a political state becomes long-lasting and the future foundation of a united national state able to play its own independent part in the European game becomes a very far perspective. Another part of the researchers’ work is focused on the exploration of the dynamics present in single Italian states: from the Dorias’ oligarchic and mercantile Genoa to the aristocratic Republic of Venice, from the Medicis’ Tuscany with the dominant figure of Cosimo, to the Pontifical state with facts related to its temporary dominion and to the struggle against the reform till the Council of Trent.


Survival and decline of the Italian urban economy
Oscar Di Simplicio

The establishment of the Spanish hegemony and the Italian states
Bruno Anatra

The Comeback to the Land
Franco Cazzola

Andrea Doria’s Genua
Carlo Bitossi

Saint George’s Bank
Carlo Bitossi

Mediterranean navigation techniques decline
Carlo Bitossi

Venice between Spain and the Turks
Paolo Preto

The Medicis’ Tuscany: state, economy, culture
Claudia Di Filippo Bareggi

The state of Presidium in Tuscany
Ivan Tognarini

The Council of Trent
Susanna Peyronel Rambaldi

Ruzante and the theatre performance in the Sixteenth Century
Roberto Alonge

title: The Sunset of the Renaissance
pages: 421
price: 28,50 €

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