Volume 3 // The Crisis of the Princedom and the Imperial Society

This ponderous volume covers the time period going from the first to the second century A.D. It is an epoch in which the Roman Empire passes from the maximum point of its imperialist expansion to a lacerating and convulsive crisis preluding to renewal, to the structural change and to new crises of the Late Ancient times. Long and full of details chapters analyze the Kingdom of Trajan the Emperor who extended the boundaries to Dacia (the territory of the modern Romania) to Arabia and to the Mesopotamia. They also analyze the Kingdom of the Severan dynasty and of the emperors who contended their power with the arms in the third century. The unifying idea of all the chapters is the one regarding a society: its evolution, dynamics and contradictions  seen in the context of the complexed richness of historic events in which material and spiritual processes come together. All the aspects of the expansion and of the decline are examined and evaluated: politics, social structure, demography, material culture and production, technology, literature, philosophy, figurative arts, law, army organization, relationships with the always-more-threatening barbarian populations and with Sasanian Empire, spread of Christianity – all of them are the objects of a survey of various chapters of the present volume.


The Empire from the Flavii to Trajan
Mario Pani

Aspects and Problems of the Age of Trajan
Pier Giuseppe Michelotto

Italy under the Humanist Empire
Paolo Desideri

From Pertinax to the advent of the Septimius Severus. The great crisis of years 193-197
Mario Mazza

A strong man having power: the Kingdom of Septimius Severus
Mario Mazza

The Severan dynasty: from Caracalla to Severus Alexandrus
Mario Mazza

The demographic base
Luigi Gallo

Material culture and the structure of the production and distribution
Giuseppe Pucci

Economies and technological horizon
Daniele Foraboschi

The Persian danger: Ardashir and Shapur I
Gherando Gnoli

The army of the Princedom. The recruitment. The “LIMES”
Claudia Giuffrida Manmana

The Policy of the frontier. Germanic and Roman worlds
Gaetano Puglisi

The Germans
Gabriella Angeli Bertinelli

Law and Ideology of a “Good government”
Giuliano Crif

Culture and philosophy in the times of the Flavii and the Antonini
Francesco Romano

Poetry, Philosophy and Ancient Studies in the epoch of the Flavii and of the Antonini
Gianfranco Lotito

Hippolytus and the Church of Rome
Giorgio Jossa

title: The Crisis of the Principate and the Imperial Society
pages: 806
price: 39,00 €

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