Mario Lucrezio Reali – Tramonto in Europa

edited by Paolo Lagazzi

BOOK: A modern world is an empire of time and space where a man, denying himself, is looking for things, idols and monsters. A technological development that seems to exalt the increasing human potential makes an individual more vulnerable as a body and as a soul. In this context the only poetry possible is the one of a synthesis. Mario Lucrezio Reali embodies in his poems the condition of a man who, defenseless in front of the speed of changes, does not manage to find his own human identity, moreover, makes a thing of himself and takes the place of things, joins them or sells himself to them. The man becomes more and more empty – as if slowly drained from a wound he has – but, using his own being empty, he creates something to get life from and to produce power and energy. Almost all poems have no punctuation so as not to create obstacles: the speed is above the meter. Reali’s verses are open and plastic. Every poem is composed of pieces and bits that stick together supporting each other and giving to an attentive reader the consciousness of a unity.

AUTHOR: Mario Lucrezio Reali is a poet, writer and a chemist. Sandro Teti Editore published his L’anima corrotta(2007), the winner  of Agape Award, and L’uomo a quanti (2008). With Tramonto in Europa the author gained the Santa Marinella Award. Gradiva Publications published his Tired Angel. Selected Poems (2011) in the USA.

author: Mario Lucrezio  Reali
title: Tramonto in Europa
edited by Paolo Lagazzi
presented by Valentino Parlato
pages: 180
price: 10,00 €
ISBN: 88888249109