Pёtr Aven – L’epoca di Berezovskij. La Russia degli oligarchi?

A book that for the first time sheds light on the tragic and heady nineties, the most painful and removed decade of contemporary Russia, marked by desperate poverty and brazen luxury. An indispensable tool for understanding the deep fractures in society that Russia still struggles to heal today.

THE BOOK: There are complex, extremely fascinating personalities who, with their own way of being, are able to shape the surrounding world, adapting it to their own desires and objectives. Among these, a place of absolute importance goes to Boris Berezovsky, the “king of the oligarchs”, the man-symbol of Russia in the 1990s. Pëtr Aven, who has attended him since his university days, retraces his human story through interviews and conversations with his fellow oligarchs and other key figures of that period, such as Roman Abramovič, Michail Fridman and Anatolij Čubajs. Reconstructing Berezovsky’s parable allows us to address, for the first time from a different and in some respects enlightening perspective, the crucial and murky first post-Soviet decade.

Pёtr Aven (Moscow, 1955) intellectual, economist, mathematician, entrepreneur, patron and art collector. In 1992 he was Minister of Foreign Trade in the first government of post-Soviet Russia; in this capacity he successfully dealt with the management of the USSR’s foreign debt, the convertibility of the ruble and above all the difficult liberalization of foreign trade. In 1994 he became one of the main shareholders of the largest Russian private bank, Alfa Bank, of which he was president from 1994 to 2011 and CEO from 2011 to March 2022. As a patron, he assembled the largest collection of Russian art in the world and founded and also financed various cultural initiatives and festivals in Latvia, Russia and Israel. He holds Russian and Latvian citizenship.

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author: Pёtr Aven
translation: Noemi Albanese
title: L’epoca di Berezovskij. La Russia degli oligarchi?
price: 24,00 €
pages: 768
ISBN: 9788831492485