Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva – Syria. The path from war to peace

A precious book to examine the complex Middle Eastern situation in all its aspects.

THE BOOK: Russian diplomat Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva analyses the background and the main causes of the Syrian Civil War. She reviews a wide spectrum of anti-government and pro-government military groups; highlights the importance of the US, Turkey and other regional players and the role they could play in the future; describes the complex Moscow diplomacy, both within the United Nations and on bilateral and multilateral levels.
The author, who perfectly speaks Arabic language and has a deep knowledge of the Middle East, co-chaired – together with the US and the UN – Ceasefire and Humanitarian Task Forces on Syria in Geneva. She has covered the conflict from its beginning, often visiting Syria and other countries involved in peace negotiations. Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva used a series of documental sources and enriched her book with her personal experience.

Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva Russian diplomat, analist and writer, she has a Ph.D. in Contemporary History. After seven years at the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Office in Geneva, currently she works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, dealing with Middle East and other issues of international agenda.
With Sandro Teti Editore she published Siria. Il tormentato cammino verso la pace (2019) and Aleppo. Guerra e diplomazia (2018).

author: Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva
title: Syria. The path from war to peace
pages: 776
price: 28,00 €
ISBN: 9788831492409

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