Gilberto Martinelli e Roberto Tempesta – 1983: Operazione Budapest

1983: a gang of Emilian criminals steals seven Italian Renaissance masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. The invulnerability of the apparently impregnable Iron Beyond-the-Curtain system is sensationally violated. Much later it will be known that secret services, politics and crime have played a decisive role in this affair. But what lies behind the “theft of the century”?

THE BOOK: Born from a research project, the novel reconstructs the story of a sensational theft of art committed in Budapest in 1983 by a gang of Italians from Reggio Emilia. The wound inflicted on the totalitarian regime and the temerity of the perpetrators of the theft have made this daring story, which greatly embarrassed the Hungarian president János Kádár, unique. Through the reconstruction of the investigative phases and the direct testimonies of the protagonists, the dynamics that prompted those young criminals to carry out this apparently isolated action are revealed. Forty years later, however, an incredible intertwining of different but converging interests opens up a scenario that was previously unthinkable. What emerges is a fresco of international crime permeated with politics, services and malfeasance that will enrich the pages of Italian and international history.

Gilberto Martinelli (Rome, 1969) He deals with international relations, in particular, between Italy and Hungary. Among the various awards, in 2014 he was awarded the HUNGARIAN PRO CULTURE by the Republic of Hungary for shedding light on the historical relations between the two nations. He is considered one of the most qualified Italian sound engineers, especially in the cinematographic field, where he is very well known.

Roberto Tempesta (Roma, 1953) He enlisted in the carabinieri at a young age. In 1981, after a period in the Special Operational Departments, he joined the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit, where he played an essential role in the most important cases of recovery of works of art both in Italy and abroad. He has been awarded numerous honors, and received international recognition.

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authors: Gilberto Martinelli e Roberto Tempesta
title: 1983: Operazione Budapest
price: 18,00 €
pages: 240
ISBN: 9788831492218

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