Isa Habibbeyli – La letteratura azerbaigiana di inizio Novecento

For the first time in Italy a volume entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary Azerbaijani literature.

THE BOOK: The eminent Azerbaijani academician Isa Habibbeyli presents the reader with the biographies and works of Azerbaijani writers, poets, critics and scholars of the XX century, offering a broad and detailed overview of the intense cultural production of the country.
The book, published in Azerbaijan by the National Academy of Sciences, will interest philologists and scholars of oriental languages ​​and literatures, but also fans of the Caucasian country and its culture.

Ganizada, Narimanov, Akhundov, Efendiyev, Zardabi, Musabeyov, Sanili, Mammadguluzadeh, Sabir, Achverdov, Ordubadi, Hajibeyov, Shahtakhtinski, Mammadzadeh, Gamgjusar, Chamanzaminli, Sultanov, Nemanzadeh, Muznib, Shabestarti, Abbaszade, Zeynalabdin, Hadi, Cavid, Huseynzade, Sahhat, Shaig, Kocharli, Ağayev, Sur, Rasulzade, Hüseyn.

Isa Habibbeyli is an eminent scholar, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and the International Academy of Computer Science. He chairs Nizami Ganjavi Institute. He is also member of the Azerbaijani National Parliament (Milli Madjlis). His studies focus in particular on Azerbaijani and Turkish literature. /p>

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author: Isa Habibbeyli
title: La letteratura azerbaigiana di inizio Novecento
translation: Giorgia Felici