Sergio Bellucci, Fabio Indeo – Il Lazio e la Green Economy

Expo Astana 2017

THE BOOK: Expo Astana 2017, hosted by Kazakhstan, aims to focus world attention on new ways of generating from sustainable sources, to respond to the growing global energy demand. Kazakhstan plays an important and strategic role in this process, both from a geographical and an economic point of view. The pivot of the modern Silk Road, between East and West, between China and Russia, is a country in great development that promotes the transition process towards the Green Economy, to ensure long-lasting energy, free from the traditional exploitation of hydrocarbons. The Lazio Region participates in Expo Astana 2017 with studies, research and experiences that testify the great wealth of knowledge and innovation capacity of our universities, research centers and companies, which work to make the territories of the Region increasingly “intelligent”, or to create energy production as diversified, clean and efficient as possible.

Fabio Indeois member of the Institute of International Political Studies (ISPI), one of the most important Italian think tanks, where he deals with the countries of Central Asia. He currently teaches at the University of Camerino. Member of the Civil Defense Studies Center and member of the Association for the study of Central Asia and the Caucasus in Italy (ASIAC). Among his numerous publications we point out Kazakhstan. Centro dell’Eurasia published by Sandro Teti Editore.

Sergio Bellucci, journalist, writer, recognized expert in Information Technology and Green Economy. President of the Free Hardware Foundation, former editor of the daily Terra. He works for several newspapers. Among the essays he wrote we point out: E-work. Lavoro, rete e innovazione e Lo spettro del capitale. Per una critica dell’economia della conoscenza written with the physicist Marcello Cini.


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author: Sergio Bellucci, Fabio Indeo
title: Il Lazio e la Green Economy