Hasan Hasanov – Narimanov. Stato e cultura

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Nariman Narimanov, intellectual, politician and, above all, Azerbaijani patriot. This book overcomes the ideological bias of the Soviet era and finally does justice to this figure, underlining the essential role he played in safeguarding and developing the Azerbaijani nation.

THE BOOK: This innovative biography finally allows the Italian public to get to know Nariman Narimanov, one of the most important figures of Azerbaijan of the XX century. He made an essential contribution to the creation of the Azerbaijani state within the USSR and his figure was widely celebrated in Soviet times. But then it was necessary to emphasize his adherence to the communist ideal. Behind the ideological cortex, however, Narimanov was essentially a patriot, who fought for his country and his people. This work highlights the key-role of the protagonist in safeguarding the Azerbaijani identity. Not only did Narimanov struggle to maintain and expand the sphere of autonomy of the Azerbaijani federal state, but he also promoted the spread of the Azerbaijani language and culture, entering often into conflict with Moscow. A decree by President Aliyev has finally done justice to his memory, proclaiming 2020 the year of Narimanov and definitively inscribing this character in the pantheon of national heroes of Azerbaijan.

Hasan Hasanov was born in Tbilisi in 1940 in a working class family. In 1967 he began his career within the Communist Party of Azerbaijan which culminated, in 1990, with the office of President of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1991 he became the first Prime Minister of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan, which was formed after the fall of the USSR. In 1993 he was Permanent Representative to the United Nations. From 1993 to 1998 he was Foreign Minister. From 2004 to 2010 he was ambassador in Budapest.

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author: Hasan Hasanov
title: Narimanov. Stato e cultura
translation: Federico Pastore