Giuliano Regonesi – Storia dell’industria metallurgica in Lombardia // Coming soon

edited by Andrea Accorsi
THE BOOK: This book deals in a clear and compelling way with the history of the Lombardy metallurgical industry. This industry has ancient origins and it has always been an integral part of the national production system, as a leading position in the infrastructure and economic progress culminated in the boom of the sixties. The role of Lombardy was very important. Some of the most important national and European production hubs have developed here, with modern and efficient industries, creative entrepreneurs, skilled managers and workers, thus creating a long steel and iron tradition.

Giuliano Regonesi was born in Bergamo in march 1964. After the Master degree at Bocconi University he started working for the family business and designed an innovative machine for the cold deformation of steel, becoming the only one producer of sheet piling in Italy and South Europe. He has opened several factories in Turkey, Persian Gulf and Africa. Now he lives in Qatar. With this book he intended to pay a tribute to his land and to the Lombardy industriousness, where metallurgy has played a prominent role economically and socially, helping to shape the character of the people and the morphology of the territory.

Andrea Accorsi was born in Legnano in 1968. He is a journalist and a researcher. Graduated in Modern History at Università degli Studi in Milan, he cooperates with the Lombard Institute for Contemporary History and with the Centre for study of history of publishing industry and journalism. He worked for nearly thirty years in the press; actually, he is press officer in the Regional Council of Lombardy and works with “Bbc History” and other historical magazines. He is the author of several local history, publishing and crime books, some of which written with his wife Daniela Ferro. His personal blog is

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author: Giuliano Regonesi
title: Storia dell’industria metallurgica in Lombardia
edited by Andrea Accorsi
pages: 152
price: 15,00 €
ISBN: 978 8888123456
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