Volume 14 // The Power Block in the United Italy

The essays composing this volume represent fully the concise but complete introduction to the analysis of the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Centuries. At the same time, they create an organic and deep-insight preliminary synthesis to the structural (economic, social and cultural) elements that dominated the Italian history and characterized it from the beginning of the Nineteenth century to our days. Solidly anchored to the rigorous global vision of the historic events, the volume traces back the process of the creation of the Italian leading class from the Post-Napoleonic Nineteenth century to the last years of the Twentieth century, analyzing it step by step in its interconnections with the struggle for a national movement, the creation of a modern type of a state, with the birth and development of new agricultural and industrial capitalistic relations seen in their contradictory and complexed connection with the subaltern and antagonist classes. Various essays of the volume present even the specific aspects like a demographic situation and transformations of areas on the map, evolution of the Constitution and of the administrative order, enriching a vivid research  of natural and structural causes of the phenomena like migration, change of the relation between cities and rural areas and urban development from one side, and, from the other, the “continuity” of bureaucracy that undergoes gradual constitutional and administrative changes – the sign of a radicated capillary transformism and, at the same time, of a centre-oriented tendency of the Italian state.


Chronology (1815-1976)
Roberto Guerri

The power block and the political fight in Italy (1830-1973)
Giorgio Mori

The Italian population from the Unification to the present moment
Teresa Isenburg

Political and administrative institutions
Ettore Rotelli

title: The Power Block in the United Italy
pages: 395
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