Volume 1 // From the Prehistory to the Expansion of Rome

This volume, based on numerous documents, covers the time period that goes approximately from the fourth millennium B.C. to the second century B.C. Besides political and military events, facts regarding the material life organization are evoked including social institutions, from one side, and cultural and artistic life from the other, together with the interaction between these two aspects. Reality of other societies of the epoch are taken into consideration as well. The volume takes its origin from a penetrating synthesis of the History of the Italian society and its problems, in order to go on, in the following essays, according to a deliberately interdisciplinary idea. The result is an organic and complete picture that shows the evolution of the ancient inhabitants of the peninsula, the guide-lines of the local and regional history, from the age of iron to the late ancient period following  the Etruscan society and the Cisalpine tribes civilization in their development stages, and assessing the Greek presence in Italy with its aspects of colonization, irradiation  and decisive cultural contacts with other Italic populations. In this volume, a particular attention is paid  to the study of the evolution of Roman society and of its relationships with other Italic people: from the archaic Roman society with its institutions and structures to the mental attitude of Roman people that was the basis of conquering Italy and the key to understand the ancient and new aristocratic Republic together with its phenomena. To conclude with, the volume throws light on the Punic wars period and on the expansion of Rome all over the Mediterranean Sea, highlights the emerging social classes, political groups and new interests inside the noble tradition that formed the character of what was called “Roman imperialism”.


Chronology (Fourth Millennium B.C. – 568 A.D.)
Gabriella Valera

Pre-history and protohistory
Bruno D’Agostino

For the history of the ancient Etruria
Mario Torelli

Economy and society of the Preroman Cisalpine
Guido Achille Mansuelli

Greeks in Italy
Ettore Lepore

Pythagorean followers and Archita
Alfonso Mele

Archaic Rome
Carmine Ampolo

Roman people conquering Italy
Martin Frederiksen

From the Punic wars to the Mediterranean conquests
Filippo Cassola

Greek and Roman-Italic art
Maria Bonghi Jovino

title: Volume I – From the Prehistory to the Expansion of Rome
pages: 487
price: 28.50 €

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