Ennio Di Francesco – An Inconvenient Inspector

Completed with writings by Norberto Bobbio and Gino Giugni

BOOK: The author is the main character of a long and difficult struggle for the democratization of the police and for the foundation of the police Italian trade union. He tells the story of Italy from the seventies untill today by means of the facts of his own professional career and civil commitment. The volume is completed with writings by Norberto Bobbio and the last writing by Gino Giugni.

AUTHOR:  Ennio Di Francesco, ex Officer of the Drug Enforcement Administration of Genua and of Rome, has fought against terrorism and international drug trafficking. He has covered positions of national and international level during his uninterrupted battle against common and organized crime. Di Francesco is also a poet, writer, painter and sculptor. Besides, he is the author of Utopia fragments. A Radical Cop.

A story of a democratic battle… Vivid and bitter evidence.

Norberto Bobbio

I appreciated the enthusiasm he used depicting the humiliating life conditions of policemen.

Gino Giugni

A man of State who has had a difficult life just for having stayed faithful to the institutions of the Italian Republic.

Corrado Stajano

author: Ennio Di Francesco
title: An inconvenient inspector
pages: 336
price: 18,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249445
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