Valeria Palumbo E fummo liberi (1943-1945)

Valeria Palumbo

E fummo liberi (1943-1945)

Voices of women partisans are vibrating in this exceptional portrait of the main characters of the Italian Resistance Movement. BOOK:  In 1943-1945 the bombing devastates Italy from the North to the South. Milan gets particularly damaged. For millions of men and...
Magda Poli Le donne che hanno fatto le donne

Magda Poli

Le donne che hanno fatto le donne

BOOK: Non-conformist extraordinary biographies of Nilde Iotti, Lina Merlin, Carla Lonzi and many other women are the contents of a theatre play named Women Who Created Women. The focus is on personalities who hit significant political and social targets in the history...
Magda Poli Napoleon

Magda Poli


Following the rapid pace of a journalist’s investigation, on the crossroads of dramatic fiction and document-based research, the author gives a try to a theatre-inquiry presenting us the public and private human portrait of a legend named Napoleon. BOOK: What...