Valeria Palumbo – E fummo liberi (1943-1945)

Voices of women partisans are vibrating in this exceptional portrait of the main characters of the Italian Resistance Movement.

BOOK:  In 1943-1945 the bombing devastates Italy from the North to the South. Milan gets particularly damaged. For millions of men and women the main goal becomes “to survive”. In this book women partisans and evaders from concentration camps tell the stories of their lives all of a sudden lacerated by war: night-time flights, on-the-sly dating, their dearest missing in action. Hidden diaries, comforting letters, code messages, poems born in hell come together creating a text for a reading on stage in which Jenide Russo, Ada Gobetti, Carla Tosi, Natalia Ginzburg, Maria Arata shout their indignation. Their voices burn and manage to fluctuate in the air and to go beyond the horror of the bombs. Their only demand is justice and freedom.

AUTHOR: Vaeria Palumbo is a journalist, writer and a member of the SIS (Italian Society of Women Historians). She has long been the central editor-in-chief of “Europeo” Magazine. Now she cooperates with Corriere della Sera and various cultural magazines. Among her publications we remember: Prestami il volto, La perfidia delle donne, Svestite da uomo, L’ora delle ragazze Alfa.

Mum and I went on working for the Resistance. It was dangerous. But we managed to do it. We learned to choose ways and time schedules and to identify those who could spy us.

author: Valeria Palumbo
title: E fummo liberi (1943-1945)
pages: 108
price: 9,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249124
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