Gianni Ferraro

World War Two‘s Spy Encyclopedia

foreword: Corrado Augias

BOOK:  Towards the end of his political and institutional life, Gianni Ferraro (1927-2002) gets busy with spreading historic facts and he becomes a prolific publicist. For more than twenty years he collects information and documents, explores archives and does a lot of research work condensed in his voluminous and monumental World War II Espionage Encyclopedia published, in its first edition, by the then Teti Publishing House situated in Milan. It is a work rich of information and names, dates and data, unique in its concept due to the investigation on World War II and to the presence of many till-now-unknown personalities who are the unexpected main characters of the events and who find their historic right to appear on the pages of the book mentioned above.

The Encyclopedia is focused on personalities and facts that do not describe history like “minor” but pay their tribute to the study of a vast phenomenon called espionage taking place during the most crucial World War II years. These personalities and facts scarred the face of the Twentieth century we have behind us without having yet completely understood its complexity. Ferraro liked to say that his Espionage Encyclopedia was not to be considered a destination point, a definitive and solved reconnaissance regarding the subject.  On the contrary, according to him, it should have been the departure point for further researches and studies: monographies and investigations that could have come to life inspired by his work. Ferraro’s Encyclopedia, in its first edition, was difficult to read and to understand: assembled in an inorganic way and full of gaps, it presented heterogeneous and disconnected narration due to the enormous quantity of information it contained – the way it had been thought by the ambitious author. There was one more reason: the author suffered from a dangerous disease and had no possibility of revising his writing. Later, it had to undergo a robust and radical, but also long and complicated editing work, text integration and information check-up by the publisher who was aware of his target audience: experts of World War II, researchers and passionate fans of the period.

AUTHOR:  Gianni Ferraro (Vizzini, Catania, 1927 – Vittoria, Ragusa, 2002) was a publicist, essayist, Sicilian popular historic traditions researcher. He  was very active in his political and social life and occupied posts of responsibility at the Authorities headquarters of Vittoria City. He cooperated with the directors and publishers of Sicilian newspapers and magazines. During the allied invasion of Sicily, he was the interpreter of the American commandment and of the English governor.

author: Gianni Ferraro
title: World War II Espionage Encyclopedia
foreword: Corrado Augias
pages: 736
price: 29,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249278

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