Various Authors – Amber Threads. The Baltic Renaissance

edited by Mario Geymonat and Giampiero Mele

An anthology dedicated to the historical, cultural and civil traditions of the Baltic area now belonging to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A significant region that will surely increase its importance in Europe.

BOOK: It is the first anthology of the part of the Baltic Sea (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) which has been long considered “opaque”. Nevertheless, the great work done by Geymonat is now helping to emerge its numerous surprising and interesting historical evidence and witnesses: from Tacit’s De Origine et Situ Germanorum to Coup de Grace by Yorcenar, from Teutonic knights to Casanova, from Innocent III to the hidden Holocaust, from the Baltic Homer to Tomasi di Lampedusa.

EDITORS: Mario Geymonat is an ordinary professor of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He taught Latin and Greek grammar, Latin literature and classical philology at universities of Milan, Siena and Calabria Region. He is the author of numerous specialized publications of international level together with Italian high school textbooks. He cooperates with “Sandro Teti Publishing House” heading the “ZigZag”  book series dedicated to poetry and contemporary literature. It is Sandro Teti who publishes Mario Geymonat’s book The Great Archimedes – a  fascinating biography of one of the most original scientists of the world’s history. The book is now translated into English.

Giampiero Mele published the following books: Trastevere, Farewell, Milan, Maths In the City, A Mathematical Tour of Milanese Architecture, Calabria Region, a warrior and a rebel.

For the two authors, amber becomes the pretext to tell the story of the historical and cultural traditions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Laura Landolfi


author: Various Authors
title: Amber Threads. The Baltic Renaissance
edited by Mario Geymonat and Giampiero Mele
pages: 128
price: 14,00 €
ISBN: 9788888249315
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