Lino Bordin – Il signore gentile


«All those who worked in the Ethiopian refugee assistance programs in Somalia seemed to me to be free from any form of economic interest. It seemed like they would live that experience with the fullest emotional involvement».

THE BOOK: Africa is not an easy continent. Between dictatorships, opaque politic situations, shocking religious rites and ceremonies, Lino Bordin – a member of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – lives and works with intense dedication, creating with the colleagues and the local population a strong emotional link. Today the phenomenon of migration is a very current topic and we don’t know a lot about how people face this situation in poor countries and who is involved with the humanitarian projects, working to contain hunger, thirst and disease. In this book, the reader gets involved in the author’s life in Africa through a dichotomous atmosphere of unprecedented violence and intense tenderness.

Lino Bordin was born the 27 th May 1948 in Pianiga, Venice. He graduated in Political Science at the University of Padua. From 1980 to 2008 he worked at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: he contributed to Namibia’s independence and the creation of Democracy in South Africa, cooperating with Nelson Mandela. Bordin worked as supervisor of assistance programmes to millions of Rwandan refugees victims of the Rwandan genocide and the consequent Congo War. He worked with Kurds and Turkish refugees located in Northern Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s regime. Bordin had the opportunity to deal with cultural and social aspects from African to Asian population.


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author: Lino Bordin
title: Il signore gentile
pages: 320
price: 16,00 €
ISBN: 9788831492010