Eduard Limonov – Ora zero // Coming soon

This book of poems wouldn’t cause a scandal because of his provocations, but because of the fighter’s intimacy finally laid bare.

«Limonov is a poet who, more than the others, realised that the philosophical clairvoyance isn’t in the academic duality of thesis and antithesis, but in the language itself, free from the excess». Iosif Brodskij

THE BOOK: For the first time translated in Italian, Limonov’s poems shine like diamonds for the awareness of the tragic destiny of the cultural hero, hang in balance between aesthetics and propaganda, tradition and avant-garde. He used to publish his poems with his own money in the Seventies, but he became famous only during his exile in Paris and New York. Today he describes a world that yearns for essential nature, for the brutality of the less, with his capability to write verses inspired by the greatest poets of the early Twenties century. The detention, the bewilderment for the time that goes by, the remainder of memory, the lamp of genius: Limonov’s poetry is an unexpected and new encounter with the renowned author. Ora Zero’s poems lead the reader to a state of cosiness without metaphors and using a traditional poetic metre. Limonov sketch out the most important elements of his world, proving his role as one of the most controversial Russian writer of our time.

Eduard Limonov (Dzeržinsk, Ussr, 1943 – Moscow, 2020) is an internationally renowned Russian writer, poet, essayist, journalist and political leader. He was a dissident both in Ussr and in the West. He inspired many ideological projects and founded the National Bolshevik Party. In 1974, after spending several months in Rome waiting to get his visa, he emigrated to the United States. In 1980 he moved to Paris, and then returned to Russia in 1992, after the fall of Ussr. He started to publish his books and, after establishing himself as a writer, he became internationally famous thanks to the worldwide translated bestseller written by Carrère. He played an important role in the post-soviet political scene and he went to prison because of his radical ideology. Among his works published in Italy, we can mention Il poeta russo preferisce i grandi negri (Frassinelli, 1985), Diario di un fallito (Odradek, 2004), Zona industriale (Sandro Teti Editore, 2018) and Il Boia (Sandro Teti Editore, 2019).

Rassegna stampa
author: Eduard Limonov
title: Ora zero
translation by Marilena Rea